Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Is This The Future You've Been Waiting For?

If "1985 me" appeared today to visit "2015 me," I think the first thing he would say is, "Wow, you still have Castle Grayskull?!"

I would proudly show him my pictures with each of the Monkees, and the innovations in action figure articulation technology since the '80s (though I miss squeezing Superman's legs to make him power punch).  Most of all, I would tell him about Amazing Arizona Comics.  Since my family still lived in Connecticut in 1985, young me probably wouldn't even know what Arizona is, but the point isn't a geography lesson, anyway.

The point would be to encourage young me to keep drawing, to keep telling stories, to keep caring about that modern mythology that is superhero comic books.  That I'm contributing to the medium that has shaped my life since 1985 . . . that's made this a future worth waiting for.  

Forget hoverboards and Jaws 19.  Back to the Future Day isn't about wondering if this the future that they predicted.  It's about making this the future that you wanted.  

You can read my column about Back to the Future in last weekend's East Valley Tribune here, and later today I plan on posting some pencils for next year's Amazing Arizona Comics stories on (appropriately)  Check 'em out!

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