Friday, December 4, 2015

Hello, Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest!

Hello!  If you're visiting my site because you swung by my table at Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest, thank you for the support!  KaroakeFanboy Press is what I can my self-publishing effort, which began in 2009, and includes Karaoke Comics, the fanzine Far & Wee, and my main mini-comic, Amazing Arizona Comics.  Please click that link to see what's coming up with my little local superhero satire!

I manage to drop a new issue of Karaoke Comics every year or so, so here's a preview of the latest issue, featuring Carrie O'Key against the amplification antagonist Mike Hogg.  What's his motivation?  You'll have to read the whole store to find out!  These pages were beautifully colored by my brother, and I love his simple but elegant pallet choices here.

If you'd like to read the whole story, just drop me a line.  Paypal buttons are coming soon, but I've been consumed with prepping for my physical presence at Fan Fest, my online presence has suffered.  I'll come back to the virtual world in no time!

If you scored a sketch from me at Fan Fest, you can always drag me back online, kicking and screaming, by posting that drawing on Instagram and tagging @amazingazcomics.  I love drawing for folks, and I'm honored when they share them.

Thanks again for visiting the site, and hopefully we'll see you again here soon!

Karaoke Comics comic books Russ Kazmierczak KaraokeFanboy PressKaraoke Comics comic books Russ Kazmierczak KaraokeFanboy Press

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